Some Fun Videos For Your Friday

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for environmentalists, I think, is that people think the topic is just so damn depressing. Every day the news is worse than the one before- climate change is accelerating! Plastic is killing baby albatrosses! Look at these pictures of Exxon executives lighting their cigars with the tears of polar bears!

Yes, it’s overwhelming trying to change the world, against all odds. But awareness is the first step towards all meaningful change. If we can find ways to communicate awareness that are— dare I say it— fun, don’t we stand a better chance as we try to batter Goliath with peas from our slingshot?

So along those lines here are few of my recent short videos to enliven your Friday… consider each one a pea. If you like these, share them! And be sure to follow me on Instagram (eveoschaub) or TikTok (@eveoschaub) where I post regularly. I hope you enjoy.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

I’m feeling emotional these days. Because people, Year of No Garbage, is OUT! You can buy it, and if you’ve ordered it— you wonderful person, you— it probably will show up on a satin pillow at your doorstep as you read this. Like any book, YONG has been a looooong time in the making, going from a crazy idea I proposed to my family years ago, to an actual real-life book on the shelf at your local bookstore.

Overnight my life has gone from one of typing quietly at my keyboard, to one of talking about this book to anyone who will listen. This takes many forms (interviews, short videos, bringing it up in entirely unrelated conversations with my dentist), but I’m often struck by the incongruity of being an author in today’s world. On the one hand, when you’re writing, you’re supposed to be good at the solitary, good-with-words-not-so-much-with-people thing. On the other, when it comes time to put your book in the world, you’re supposed to be a cross between a one-man band and the Sham-Wow guy.

I’m pretty sure there is no one better at silliness than Steven He

To be clear this is an observation and not a complaint. I feel incredibly lucky that I’ve been able to learn from watching and talking to Steven He, our daughter’s boyfriend, as he has navigated the road from out-of-work-actor at the start of our Year of No Garbage, to superstar influencer and that-Emotional-Damage-guy today. He graciously agreed to do three collaborative videos with me for social media to promote YONG and above is the second one we made- can you tell we are having a ridiculous amount of fun?

How to Eat Salad: An instructional Video

Speaking of fun, if you haven’t had a chance to order the book there is a promotion of the ebook going on through April 30 for only $9.99. THAT’S RIGHT! And if you order now we will throw in a lovely set of Sham Wows, but not really because microfiber cloths are all made of plastic.

So happy happy Earth Day everyone! I hope you get a chance to get outside, avoid some plastic, and to ask for a real cup for your coffee. Celebrate by posting a picture of yourself doing something EarthDayish and tag me! PS- Reading YONG totally counts.