Day Of No Sugar Challenge

Day Of No Sugar Challenge

Could YOU go a whole year without sugar? How about a day?

Take the Day Of No Sugar Challenge on Wednesday, April 9th and take back control of your food and health!!

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18 thoughts on “Day Of No Sugar Challenge

  1. I’ve done it since 1990. No sugar, not even fruit (only the amount of sugar in vegetables such as carrots and winter squash). My motivation has been avoiding migraine headaches. I never dreamed it would end up being a positive thing for other reasons.

    1. Did it really help with your migraines? I am a chronic migraine sufferer and I have stopped drinking alcohol, chocolate, I get enough sleep, but I never heard of sugar.?!!

    1. Hi Glenda- of not a Day of No Sugar- how about a Day of Not Drinking Sugar? Between soda and fruit juice, bottled teas and sports drinks, Americans get a truly insane amount of sugar from their beverages… Whaddaya think? Could you just have water/milk/coffee/unsweetened tea for a day?

  2. i am 17, and i love sugar, i think its time to cut down a little and i think this could be a good website to use to help

  3. I cut back on sugar substantially a couple of years ago because of migraines. I lost a lot of weight, 20 lbs, I wasn’t that overweight to begin with, and my cholesterol dropped substantially! I’ve been working thru some stress lately & have increased my sugar intake some. I need to cut back again!

  4. What can you eat besides meat and vegetables? Everything has sugar in it, I have trouble staying away from gluten already because of celiac disease. I would love this challenge.

  5. Hi! I just wanted to say that your book was such an inspiration to me and that I thought your year of no sugar project was so cool! I’m sixteen years old, and after reading your book I decided that I wanted to go a year without sugar as well. As of now, I haven’t had any type of sugar, artificial sweetener, or sweeteners like stevia, syrups, agave, etc. in eight months. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation 🙂

    1. Wow! I am inspired right back! As you have experienced, giving up sugar with that level of strictness is not only INCREDIBLY hard, but also tedious and time consuming to boot (all those long ingredient lists and restaurant interrogations- Ugh!) And being a young adult avoiding sugar, I think, is even harder than avoiding it as an adult. I know this in part because my daughter Greta- who was 11 when we did Year of No Sugar- is now 15 and the challenges of sugar popping up in high school, at sleep-overs and at extra-curricular events have been formidable.
      The good news is that her school removed the vending machines; the bad news is that most of the cafeteria/school store food isn’t much better. I am going to tell her about your experiment avoiding sugar! Thanks so much for this comment.

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