Praise for Year Of No Clutter

The Best Decluttering Advice of

“An incredibly funny, relatable read.” —Bay State Parent Magazine

“Part memoir and part how-to guide, Schaub’s book casts a lightheartedly humorous light on the First World obsession with acquisition while showing readers that less truly can be more. A wry account of the author’s quest to “pitch, plunder, recycle, and sell.”Kirkus

“Schaub weaves in thoughtful cultural references… her recognition that clutter of the mind is as real as tangible clutter makes this a personal and powerful read.”Booklist

“Those who, like Schaub, are looking for a way to declutter that encompasses finding homes for discarded items rather than simply going to a Dumpster, will appreciate Schaub’s judgment-free, instructive, funny approach to being a ‘domestic belonging preservationist’ with a place for everything that matters.”Publishers Weekly

“Writer Eve O. Schaub tackles her home’s “Hell Room” in Year of No Clutter: A Memoir. Along the way, she does more than minimize the amount of junk in her home; she contemplates her identity, past, and future.”Bustle “The 20 Best Nonfiction Books Coming in March 2017”

Year of No Clutter is funny, touching, and ultimately, wise.”-Linda Esler, The Independant Librarian

“I can’t recommend this fervently enough. If you’ve ever worried that you had too many books, or that your clothes have taken over your closet/room/hallway/upstairs, or that your collection of whatever has stopped being a collection, then buy this book.”

“An entertaining and honest book.”-Clare O’Beara,

“If Eve Schaub can vanquish the Hell Room, then there’s hope for us all.”-Amanda LaBetenoir, Netgalley/ Goodreads

“Year of No Clutter is compelling and entertaining, and one of the better-written memoirs I have read in a long time.”-Aaron Mcquiston, Netgalley/Goodreads

“A witty, touching, and sympathetic account. If you struggle with clutter, you will surely take heart.”-Lisa Kotin, author of My Confection: Odyssey of a Sugar Addict

“An inspirational read; plan to put it down lots and pick up a rubbish bag.”-Cwtch Up Books

“Eve Schaub has written a parable for modern life and the stuff we accumulate.”-Tom Rosenbauer, author of Casting Illusions

“Yields profound insight into the grasp of things on our lives. Thanks to this stunningly object-rich memoir, I will certainly never look at stuff in quite the same way again.”-Abigail Carroll, author of  Three Squares: The Invention of the American Meal