Happy Little Tortillas

Confession: I’m not a gluten avoider. Like, in Any. Way. I think homemade bread is one of the most delicious things in the world, and luckily no one in our house has a gluten intolerance because in our pandemic seclusion we are baking a LOT of bread.

I find baking bread to be very meditative and stress relieving, but it is also money-saving and trips-to-the-store-saving. You can avoid unnecessary and unhealthy added sugar (it is a popular misconception that bread needs added sugar to rise) and all those horrible things Big Food loves to add: trans fats, mold inhibitors, colorings and emulsifiers. The amazing thing about bread is that you really only need a handful of simple ingredients, and time.

Of course yet another huge bonus is that making your own bread also serves to eliminate lots of wasteful packaging, much of which is bound for the landfill (I’m looking at YOU, cellophane windows).

In my last post I included a favorite sandwich bread recipe … shortly after that I made these flour tortillas. It makes a big bunch up all at once- like 30 or so- good for anything you can think of: burritos, quesadillas, wraps, etc. They definitely take time, but right now that’s something many of us have in abundance. Give these a try and let me know how they turn out.

Flour Tortillas

In a large bowl whisk together:

  • 6 cups flour
  • 1 Tbsp salt
  • 1 Tbsp baking powder

Then add:

  • 1 cup of bacon fat OR lard OR room temperature butter

Use a pastry cutter or your hands to combine thoroughly.

Add 2 1/4 cups very hot water and combine with hands again.

Knead for 3 minutes.

Let sit 15-20 minutes.

Then pull off small, golf-ball amounts of dough and roll flat with a rolling pin until very, very thin. Kate Moss thin. You will almost be able to see through them. Heat a cast iron pan until very hot (NO need to add oil or butter) and fry until both sides bubble a little and have small brown spots.

If possible, it’s easiest to have one person rolling and another frying. Ilsa and I like to tag team on these jobs. She has become an EXPERT fryer.

As you make them, place them on a plate wrapped in a clean dishtowel to keep them from drying out. I like to store them in our breadbox this way, but if you don’t think you’ll eat them all up in a few days you can freeze some for later.

NOTE: You do not use a tortilla press for these flour tortillas; a press is useful for corn tortillas.

Steve’s Happy Little Tortillas Recipe in Pictures

My husband Steve’s favorite thing to use these for is something he made up: he sprinkles a tortilla with olive oil, Parmesan, chopped garlic and rosemary and toasts in the toaster oven to make these lovely little… what? I don’t know what to call them except Steve’s Happy Little Tortillas, and they are delicious.

10 thoughts on “Happy Little Tortillas

  1. This was so timely Eva as I just put ‘tortillas’ on my shopping list for next time I venture out to a shop. We make our own bread (we have a wonderful bread machine) and last night I made tagliatelle with my pasta machine but for some reason it had not occurred to me to make tortillas! I’ve just never done that but now is definitely the time to start! I’m not sure I have baking powder but I’m in the UK and we have two types of flour – plain and self-raising. I think the latter is the same as your flour+baking powder.

    Your turn of phrase “Kate Moss thin” made me laugh out loud and we could all do with a bit of laughing now! I am thinking I might use my pasta machine to make tortillas (the rollers can make it Kate Moss thin for sure) but the catch will be that they’ll be 4″ wide and a foot long as opposed to 8″ diameter circles!

    Thanks for the tips and inspiration.

      1. I made my tortillas which were very nice but crispy! We usually use them to wrap around the filling but couldn’t as they cracked. Were yours crispy? I made mine with olive oil as opposed to butter, lard or bacon fat.

        I tried one using the pasta machine which did make it very thin but then it was narrow (4in wide) and even when joined side-by-side with another wasn’t a useful shape. The rolling pin method was less hassle and they did roll Kate Moss thin easily!

      2. Ooo! I’m so glad they came out good, but I suspect that it was the olive oil that made for the crispiness- they are always flexible when I’ve used butter or bacon fat. Hooray for experimenting!

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