6 Ways To Live Sugar Free

Year Of No Sugar Sheet

Is it April yet? How about now?

As if receiving the advance reader copies of Year of No Sugar this past Friday wasn’t exciting enough– the wonderful PR people at Sourcebooks are up all night designing lovely things like this “6 Ways to Live Sugar Free” promotional sheet… how cool is this?

Click on the image to the left to see all three recipes.

7 thoughts on “6 Ways To Live Sugar Free

  1. Every day after lunch, I crave for desserts and this only means one thing: SUGAR! The good news is that I never give in to the temptation that’s burning inside of me. This has been going on for a really long while now. My secret? I think about wasting money on useless calories and the probability of gaining unwanted / extra weight.

  2. I don’t understand. I’ve looked at some of your recipes and they are loaded with sugar, it’s what dextrose is! Your brownies have three and a half cups in and you use flour and oats (to name but a few) both of which are metabolised into sugar in the body.

    1. Hi Lib-
      This is a good question, because “sugar” has lots of different meanings and it’s important to define our terms. In the book Year of No Sugar I go into this in some detail, but the upshot is this: when we said a year of no sugar, we weren’t talking about a year of no simple sugars (carbs), or for that matter, a year of no blood sugar (blood glucose) but rather a year of no Sugar-With-A-Capital “S”- the stuff we use to sweeten… which is the stuff that contains fructose. Fructose is the part of sugar that’s bad for you- the more you have of it, the worse it can potentially be in its effects, especially over the long term. And we as a society are consuming A LOT of it.

      Thanks for this question.

      1. So when carbs metabolize into sugar in the body – do they metabolize into fructose or glucose or what? Do you happen to know? Thanks.

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