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More Comedy- And More No Garbage

I realized that due to that pesky zombie apocalypse I completely forgot to post my two most recently published comedy pieces- both Xmas themed- here are the links so that you may read them and have your life changed forever: 

In other news, I’ve been doing a lot on the front of Year of No Garbage, which as an experiment took up all of 2020, and which I spent a good part of 2021 turning into a book manuscript.

Another thing I spent A LOT of time doing this past year was figuring out how to incorporate No Garbage into my “New Normal,” and how to proceed with a life that exists somewhere between Zero Waste and What Most People Do… not to mention trying to navigate those ideas within a household that at any moment includes between 2 and 4 other people besides me, who may or may not have their own ideas about all this stuff.

So stay tuned! The conclusions I reached will be the subject of my very next blog post, along with some ideas about anti-plastic activism and where you can go to learn much more about just how bad plastic really is for us and the environment. Hint: it’s the class taught by Bennington College Visiting Professor, and former EPA Regional Administrator Judith Enck entitled “Beyond Plastic Pollution” and it is offered over Zoom… click the image below for details. If you have any interest in the environment, garbage, and/or advocating for a greener planet, you could do NOTHING BETTER than to start with Judith’s class.

Please tell her I sent you. I’m hoping she’ll introduce me to Barack Obama.