Some Fun Videos For Your Friday

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for environmentalists, I think, is that people think the topic is just so damn depressing. Every day the news is worse than the one before- climate change is accelerating! Plastic is killing baby albatrosses! Look at these pictures of Exxon executives lighting their cigars with the tears of polar bears!

Yes, it’s overwhelming trying to change the world, against all odds. But awareness is the first step towards all meaningful change. If we can find ways to communicate awareness that are— dare I say it— fun, don’t we stand a better chance as we try to batter Goliath with peas from our slingshot?

So along those lines here are few of my recent short videos to enliven your Friday… consider each one a pea. If you like these, share them! And be sure to follow me on Instagram (eveoschaub) or TikTok (@eveoschaub) where I post regularly. I hope you enjoy.

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