Year of No Garbage is Coming

Things have been awfully quiet here at the eveschaub blog… too quiet.

Something must be— you know— up.

As it turns out, that something is Year of No Garbage THE BOOK! Coming to a book seller near you!

The cover!!


WHAT’S THE OFFICIAL TITLE? Year of No Garbage: Recycling Lies, Plastic Problems, and One Woman’s Trashy Journey to Zero Waste

PUBLISHER? Skyhorse Press, (distributed by Simon and Schuster)

WHEN? Earth Day, April 22nd 2023!

CAN I PRE-ORDER IT? Yes! In fact, it helps me a lot if readers pre-order the book now.

WHERE CAN I FIND IT? You can order it at your local independent bookstore! Or through any of the online booksellers, such as: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Indie Bound or Bookshop.

You can click here for more info or to order the book!

I am beyond excited to share this third and final family project with you, which was definitely the biggest, most profound challenge of all. Following the end of the official No Garbage Year, I’ve continued to research and uncover still more unbelievable facts about what really happens to our garbage, our recycling, and our disposable plastics. Here is the back cover description of the book:

In this book Eve O. Schaub, humorist and stunt memoirist extraordinaire, tackles her most difficult challenge to date: garbage. Convincing her husband and two daughters to go along with her, Schaub attempts the seemingly impossible: living in the modern world without creating any trash at all. For an entire year. And- as it turns out- during a pandemic.

In the process, Schaub learns some startling things: that modern recycling is broken, and single stream recycling is a lie. That flushable wipes aren’t flushable and compostables aren’t compostable. That plastic drives climate change, fosters racism, and is poisoning the environment and our bodies at alarming rates, as microplastics are being found everywhere, from the top of Mount Everest to the placenta of unborn babies. 

Year of No Garbage is Super Size Me meets the environmental movement. If you’ve ever thought twice about that plastic straw in your drink, you’re going to want to read this book. 

Stay tuned for a series of new video shorts on everything related to Year of No Garbage- see you soon!!

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