Things I am wondering today:

  • At what point are they gonna cancel high school for Ilsa?
  • And for how long?
  • What does “anthropogenic” mean?
  • Like, it’s bad, right?
  • Do I have time to do my writing today AND drive forty minutes to buy milk in glass bottles?
  • I now have a houseful of kids- I mean, young adults– fleeing the craziness of NYC in the wake of Coronapocalyse.
  • Can I keep them all fed AND stay No Garbage?
  • On a related note, are Greta’s friends gonna think I’m as crazy as a soup sandwich?
  • Would they think that anyway?
  • Saran Wrap seems to be made of polyethylene.
  • Is it?
  • And if so, does that mean it’s recyclable at the supermarket?
  • Is there ANYTHING harder than trying to wash Saran Wrap?
  • Giving a chicken a manicure, maybe?
  • We are now out of toothpaste.
  • How, exactly, will my husband react when I present him with toothpaste homemade from baking soda?
  • Toothpaste can’t be grounds for divorce, can it?
  • On a related note, is Terracycle really all that?
  • But, like, really?
  • I probably have to stop hating hand sanitizer now, don’t I?
  • Damn.
  • Are the kids- I mean young adults– bored yet?
  • How about now?
  • Don’t we have a soccer ball around here somewhere?
  • Should I make another trip to the 45-minutes-away butcher to stock the freezer?
  • Or, perhaps go hide under the bed?
  • Is it wrong to try to be No Garbage when the world seems to be going to Hell in a handbasket?
  • Or, is it an excellent strategy to stay sane?

2 thoughts on “Things I am wondering today:

  1. Sadly my OCD over rode my environmental concerns and I bought a slew of cleaning products in PLASTIC bottles. 😱😱😱. Fear and panic doesn’t make for rational thought – or maybe it IS rational to stock up on disinfectants right now? I don’t know. I am in a high risk group . . .

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