You’ll Never Guess What Our New “Year of No” Is. Unless You Do.

I’M NERVOUS. Sorry- didn’t mean to yell- but I’m nervous. I’m also terribly excited- because… I have a new project. For some time now I’ve felt that the “Year of No” books really ought to be a series of three. Of course Year of No Sugar was my first book/family torture experiment and Year of No Clutter was the second. I had the idea for this third book ever since YONS was published in 2014, and have been chomping at the bit to do it ever since, but sometimes life gets in the way- you know how it is. So you’ll forgive me for any over-enthusiasm- I promise to stop pacing a hole in the carpet any minute now.

Why three? Well for one thing, I think three is just a really nice, satisfying number for a series of something, (two being too few and four being, you know, maybe a little show-offy.) Also, we did our Year of No Sugar adventure in 2011 when my kids were quite young, just 6 and 11, and the Year of No Clutter escapade took place in 2016 when they were 11 and 16. This third and final venture will involve them at ages 15 and 20- effectively spanning a nice, neat decade from beginning to end in the life of our family. You may recall that I have an ever so slight obsessive bent to my personality, so I do like things nice and neat.

And finally, thematically it will also make a lot of sense. I mean, hopefully to people other than just myself. But that explanation will have to wait. On New Year’s Day I’ll announce just what our family will be doing without for the entirely of 2020.

What do you think it will be? A Year of No People Magazine? A Year of No Taxidermy? A Year of No Cheese? Make a guess in the comments and if you get it right I’ll send you something really, really nice that is definitely probably not a Christmas re-gift from my Aunt Madeline.

44 thoughts on “You’ll Never Guess What Our New “Year of No” Is. Unless You Do.

  1. Year of no spending. Like other than groceries. Thatโ€™s my guess bc I was thinking of doing it myself so itโ€™s what I want to read about. ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Excellent guesses- Actually this is pretty much exactly what my runner-up idea was- the avoiding technology idea. My husband Steve and I talked about this A LOT. In the end, I/we ended up going with another we found even more compelling

    1. You and Suzanne (see other comment) are on the same wavelength and it is such a great guess because this ended up being our second choice to the idea we decided upon. Stay tuned! I think you’ll like it

  2. For a moment there, I thought the 3rd one was:
    A Year of No BOOKS!
    because you wrote: “For some time now Iโ€™ve felt that the โ€œYear of Noโ€ books really ought to be”
    I started to think…only reading on devices??? No actual books!!??
    hopefully it’s not a year of no books LOL

      1. YES!! And you were the very first person to get it so you should get a special prize- but I promise not to send you any garbage ๐Ÿ™‚ See my announcement post today!!!

  3. A year of no social media? No driving? No meat? No saying no? Or yes? No spending? No new clothes?
    I could honestly do a couple of these and improve my life…
    Canโ€™t wait to hear what it is. Iโ€™ve very much enjoyed reading your first two escapades!

  4. Eve, I think it will be a ‘year without TV’. I’d like to guess the Internet but I know how important your blog is and I know you want to communicate with family. Best wishes on your Third!

    1. I know, I’ve thought about the conundrum there because a year of no digital or no technology or computers is certainly a very good, very timely topic- but then how do you promote it? Gak! Thank you Mary Ellen!

  5. A year of no negativity.
    A year of no debt.
    A year of no lateness.
    A year of no self doubt.
    A year of no judgement.

      1. Yay!!! Excited to be right, but so excited for your journey and the inspiration for my own. Starting the family on our own modified โ€œno sugar yearโ€. Alas, weโ€™re in the midst of the terrible 2s with one, so Iโ€™ll be choosing my battles wisely (perhaps Iโ€™ll allow ketchup…)

      2. It should show up on the home page of my website now, as well as under the subheading “Year of No Garbage”- definitely let me know if you aren’t finding it.

  6. A Year of No Excess? No excessive eating, spending, travelling, social media…moderation in everything is the key.

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