5 thoughts on “Big Fat Hairy Decisions: Year Of No Clutter Poll 1

  1. My parents recently downsized, and my mother brought me the latch hook rug kit I worked on, on and off, thought my teenage years. I think there are about 12 rows done, with 50+ still to go. It’s now in my attic. I keep thinking I might finish it, so my vote to chuck isn’t probably valid! (but mine is a pattern so maybe has some use? but I’m sure I don’t have enough yarn left? UGH! Why is this so hard for some people (ie, me)?)

    1. Picture, picture!! May we see it? What is it of? Here’s my idea for your unfinished latch hook: do you have a child in your life who would appreciate a project? Latch hook rugs are the perfect beginner craft-which is exactly why I was making them as a kid. Because yours is unfinished that may be your “out”!

      1. I dug it out of the attic where I threw it after my parent’s visit. But not sure I can post a picture in a comment? Let me know. It’s a very 70’s version of a pennsylvania dutch-ish/Amish sort of pattern. I actually like it, and had done more than I remembered (like 20 rows). Maybe I will try to finish it (though the colors will be hard to match if I don’t have enough of the original). I was reminded of it because my daughter (12) got a latch hook kit for her last birthday from a friend. I showed her how to do it but she is completely disinterested (and it’s a nice small one so not too onerous). Aw man, this is hard. I feel like a person with a healthy regard for stuff would throw it out.

      2. I posted the pic on instagram for your viewing pleasure. Maybe will double dip and post on facebook, too. 🙂

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