Big Fat Hairy Decisions: Year Of No Clutter Poll 1

April 9, 2018 § 5 Comments

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§ 5 Responses to Big Fat Hairy Decisions: Year Of No Clutter Poll 1

  • Susan says:

    My parents recently downsized, and my mother brought me the latch hook rug kit I worked on, on and off, thought my teenage years. I think there are about 12 rows done, with 50+ still to go. It’s now in my attic. I keep thinking I might finish it, so my vote to chuck isn’t probably valid! (but mine is a pattern so maybe has some use? but I’m sure I don’t have enough yarn left? UGH! Why is this so hard for some people (ie, me)?)

    • Picture, picture!! May we see it? What is it of? Here’s my idea for your unfinished latch hook: do you have a child in your life who would appreciate a project? Latch hook rugs are the perfect beginner craft-which is exactly why I was making them as a kid. Because yours is unfinished that may be your “out”!

      • Susan says:

        I dug it out of the attic where I threw it after my parent’s visit. But not sure I can post a picture in a comment? Let me know. It’s a very 70’s version of a pennsylvania dutch-ish/Amish sort of pattern. I actually like it, and had done more than I remembered (like 20 rows). Maybe I will try to finish it (though the colors will be hard to match if I don’t have enough of the original). I was reminded of it because my daughter (12) got a latch hook kit for her last birthday from a friend. I showed her how to do it but she is completely disinterested (and it’s a nice small one so not too onerous). Aw man, this is hard. I feel like a person with a healthy regard for stuff would throw it out.

      • Susan says:

        I posted the pic on instagram for your viewing pleasure. Maybe will double dip and post on facebook, too. 🙂

  • […] So I’m currently taking a poll to determine the fate of Garfield the latch-hook rug. Yes, when it comes to getting rid of things, I’m that desperate- apparently certain items require a crowd-sourced intervention. And let me tell you, Garfield is terrified. Or maybe it’s me. Hard to tell. […]

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