5 thoughts on “A Year Of No Sugar: Postscript 7

  1. Eve – Your work has proven how absolutely significant the understand of sugar and sugar consumption is in our society. As a multicultural family, the food we eat is diverse and little sugar is included. The only clarification I needed was the stance on substitutes used in diet sodas, etc.

    BTW, Sanjay Gupta is from Novi, Michigan.

  2. Very informative and accessible interview. I hope a lot of people are talking about it today. Stay on the cutting edge, Eve.

  3. Congratulations! Eve, you’re on the right topic at the right time. Yes, I saw the show and I was thinking how clever you were to tackle our addiction to sugar ahead of the crowd.

  4. Evey – I think one of the biggest ways to raise awareness about sugar and the harm to one’s health is through the discussion of Type II diabetes. When Dad was diagnosed the media was on the cusp of recognizing publicly that this disease is taking over. The connection between the disease and sugar has not been emphasized enough, nor the effects of it, or the ways to counteract it.

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