6 thoughts on “A Year of No Sugar: VPR Interview

  1. I aw this from David Gillespie interview. I am also Sugar Free and have implemented it with my kids. I may be a little more strict than you, as I really limit my fruit. Just some berries and a sliver of apple. I love what you said about looking at everything with “Sugar Glasses”! That is me, and it seems nobody else gets it!

    1. Amber- I must admit: fruit is the new sugar… at least in our house. We’ve gotten a lot more reasonable in our fruit consumption since we began the project and were feeling desperate, but still- I don’t know what we’d do without our berries, apples, bananas…. You are a brave, brave woman!

      I’m glad to hear you wear the same glasses I do. Think we can convince anyone else to try them on?

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