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The Holiday Hangover

E.O. Schaub

I just love the holidays. It’s just that they’re killing me.

I mean, sure they’ve been over for most of YOU, you normal people, for some time now. Lucky you. However, in my case, we’re still celebrating. And celebrating. Oh yes. You gotta love all this celebrating. And celebrating. And eating. And present-giving. And eating. And more presents. And eating. Did I mention the eating? If I gain any more festive holiday weight I have plans to enter myself as a float in a Mardi Gras parade.

Not to mention that I am so behind on bills and housework that, currently, my house looks like a tornado and a hurricane met and fell in love in my living room. While doing their laundry. In fact, I’m not so worried about the bills being so late, because when the bill-collectors come they’ll never be able to find me in here. You think I’m kidding? At least three separate friends have commented recently, in so many words, how nice it is that my house is a mess, so they don’t feel quite so bad about what a mess their houses are, too. (I can see the commercial now: “Holidays taken over your life? Feel like you will absolutely, positively, NEVER catch up? Come on over to Eve’s house and we guarantee: you’ll feel so much better!”) Glad to help! Continue reading The Holiday Hangover