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When I Am 82, I Hope I Am Like Jane Rinck

Note: I’m sad to say that Pawlet recently lost one of its most colorful and generous citizens: Jane Rinck passed away this fall at the young age of 90 having always done exactly what she wanted to and felt was right. What follows is a poem I wrote in 2006 for the occasion of her being named Pawlet Citizen of the Year. I still feel the same way. We miss you, Jane.

E. O. Schaub

When I am 82, I hope I have the creativity to write and paint and sculpt and make music;
the courage to stand up at Town Meeting and say what I think;
the adventurousness to learn to ride a bike for the first time.

When I am 82, I hope I have the drive to make new things in the world;
the inspiration to support both young and old in their education and creativity,
and a generosity of spirit that is powerful enough to change my town.

When I am 82 I hope I change the world in my own quiet way,
with wit and wisdom
and an unselfish love of life itself.

Jane has often bid me: “Farewell!
If by 82 I could do even some small portion of these things,
I will have fared very well, indeed.