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A Small Town Wish List

oneinathousandlogoE.O. Schaub

Author’s note: I must’ve been really, really good this year, because it seems like Santa has brought me the three things I’ve been wanting most since we moved to Pawlet twelve years ago…

Dear Santa,

I know I’ve been grown-up for some time now, but I’m hoping some of those years when I was too busy playing Ms. Pac Man to ask for anything more than quarters have left me a little lee-way in the what-I-want-for-Christmas department. I’m also very flexible- no December deadlines here!

All I really want this year are a few things for my town…(I promise to share!):

1. A REAL supermarket- You know, one worthy of the prefix. I’m not asking for one of those insane department-stores-for-food my city friends describe with names like Wild-Joe’s-Whole-Trader-Circus-Foods! You’ve probably been in one. They’re the places where you can sip fair-traded, gluten-free lattes in a PBA-free cup while you shop for your bulk, organic, eco-friendly, wheatgrass diaper liners (now in gender-neutral, self-esteem boosting shades!) after which you peruse the mood gum and cruelty-free nose-ring selection in the check out.

No. Just a place where I can buy produce that is better suited for eating than playing racquetball with. Continue reading A Small Town Wish List