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Pawlet's Handicapped Decision

E.O. Schaub

PAWLET— In a unique move yesterday the residents of Pawlet narrowly voted no on a measure to continue updates to the historic Pawlet Town Hall by matching a $105,000 handicapped access grant with a $50,000 loan.

“Are you kidding me?” one unidentified voter explained, “In this economy, getting triple our initial investment is just not good enough. Heck- they could octuple our money and it wouldn’t be enough. For fifty-thousand dollars I want Donald Trump on his hands and knees sanding the floors in a three piece suit, and a deep tissue massage for every town resident from a Las Vegas chorus girl.”

Varying degrees of this same sentiment were echoed at the town informational meeting held the night preceding the town-wide vote.

“For that amount of money, couldn’t we just fix all the handicapped people in town?” Eunice Staunchbaum wondered that night. Longtime selectman Keith Mason replied that, in his opinion, fixing all the handicapped people was probably not a possibility, although in fact no one actually had the numbers with them at that moment to back this assertion up. Continue reading Pawlet's Handicapped Decision