IS Plastic Wrap Recyclable?

Plastic wrap is a tough one. Also known as “cling wrap” or “plastic film­,” it presents maybe the toughest of all zero-waste conundrums. Only those who are trying to avoid it can fully appreciate how everywhere it is. Whole aisles of meats, entire walls of cheeses, all sealed off from the world in tidy little … Continue reading IS Plastic Wrap Recyclable?

Don’t Be Fooled: Wipes Are Plastic

Wipes are sneaky. Environmentalists can spend countless hours discussing the benefit-versus-harm of everything from glass jars and compostable forks to Legos, but when if you bring up wipes you’re likely to get a lot of blank looks. That’s because wipes fly under the radar. They look like paper, but their whole purpose in life is … Continue reading Don’t Be Fooled: Wipes Are Plastic

How Hard IS a Day of No Plastic?

It seemed like everyone I’ve ever met sent me the A.J. Jacob’s article “Trying to Live a Day Without Plastic” when it came out in the New York Times a little over a week ago. I love that people thought of me when they saw an article that might as well have been entitled “Stunt … Continue reading How Hard IS a Day of No Plastic?